Basement Reno

Well I am finally getting around to posting our basement renos! When we first moved in we decided we would start slow and just develop Lincolns bedroom so he had his own and space and that we would do the rest down the road, but after finishing Lincolns room we realized how nice it would be to have the extra space for the toys and kids in the rest of the basement so we decided to take on the big job of the renos! Andrew finished the framing that needed to be done in the basement and ceiling then we hired out the dry wall, electrical, and carpets, Andrew finished up painting and the finishing all the little extra stuff such as baseboards and window framing which seemed like a small job but was surprisingly annoying and time consuming! we also made a storage room and just put down linoleum flooring in it as its easy and cheap to install and just nice to not have a dusty cold floor in the storage room. We have been so used to our basement storing all our junk that we had to finally organize it but now our garage is turning into our storage area so one day we will have to deal with that haha! We are so happy we chose to develop it! Lincoln lives it in all the time and whenever his friends are over they all go downstairs which is great because they are getting big and its the perfect hang out area for them! The only thing we have left is to develop a bathroom down there for Lincoln/and guests, that will be our next project! There is also a tiny bit of space under the stairs which fit my sauna perfectly behind a door so it is out of sight and from the other room we put a tiny kid door on it for a small crawl space which holds toys and the kids enjoy hanging out in there too!

here is a little family gallery wall, I felt kinda bad our entire house has no pictures of our parents or grandparents! I am still adding to it :)