Dance Competition

This was our first year at trying a dance competition for Autumn, to be honest I never wanted her in a dance competition as I have heard it can be really high pressure on the kids or that their are some crazy dance moms and that it can sometimes have a “pageant” feel and I did not want to be dealing with that! I am so grateful this was nothing like that! Her studio was laid back but gave the girls enough responsibility to make sure they did they their best and have team spirit, I was so proud of the confidence it has given Autumn for being on stage, at her rehearsal she was really nervous and by the end of the fourth competition she wasn’t nervous at all! I am so proud of the girls confidence and courage to go out there knowing their getting judged on how well they do, I would be so nervous! Hip Hop was a fun one to try this year and we will see if she gets invited again to be on the competitive team but according to her she wants to do more, so will see what happens. Either way its been a fun year for her and we are so proud of our little dancer.