Well things have been busy around the McCollum house hold because as of sept 4th we got a PUPPY! As many of you know our dear old Bella who was 14 years old passed away in May. Not going to lie that was actually crushing for our family and even the kids, I really thought we would all be ok because I had been prepping everyone that Bella was old and was going to die one day, although when that day came of course no one is ever ready, we were all absolutely heartbroken and crushed. I figured after Bella passed we would wait a while for a puppy because life without a dog is actually easier…less work, less poop and pee to clean up and less responsibility BUT honestly its not as fun, pets bring so much joy to peoples lives and I wanted my kids to have that for their childhood, I am so grateful I had pets growing up and I am so glad my kids do as well! we only managed to go 4 months without a dog and me knowing I would be taking care of it the most I actually missed having the company around, every little sound I thought was Bella and I just missed having a dog! The situation finding Prairie worked out so well and we were so excited when they sent us a picture of our four week old puppy, we waited three weeks till she was 7 weeks old to bring her home and we were all so happy! She is hilarious, adorable and NAUGHTY. Like we expected although I totally forgot what training a puppy is like, it’s been so many years and the first week was torture she cried and cried in her Kennel at night but I knew we had to persevere and now she is doing so good at night, except still working on the potty training….that one is not as easy, we also have prairie booked in for puppy training classes and were hoping that goes well and teachers her some basics. She also still puppy bites a lot and I am trying to teach her not to especially with the kids, but its a work in progress ;). for now enjoy our pictures of our new Puppy, Prairie.