Lincoln is TEN

We celebrated last month our big kid turning TEN. I can't believe we have a child in the double digits already! He is actually one of the best kids I could ask for, and I don't just say that because hes my son, trust me I have no problem admitting when my kids being a jerk haha but Lincoln really is such a help to me, he is always so helpful with anything I need, he is so kind to his family and I just think hes such a great kid. I know how lucky I am to have him in our lives, especially since we almost lost him when he was a baby, he really is such a fighter and we all feel he is a special little light in our lives. On top of all that I love his hilarious humour and i think he's such a goofball. 

For Lincolns birthday we did a fortnite theme (insert judging moms in 3...2....1), yes my child plays xbox. No he doesn't play with strangers and hears swear words, he plays with 5 kids from school and they actually have so much fun and its a fun way to keep my normally antisocial child socialable, of course we encourage tons of play time outside and a lot less screen time especially in the summer but he loves the game and everysingle boy that came to party does to! They were all hilarious talking about the game and rapping to the theme song, it was a pure chaotic party but I think everyone had a blast! They had a nerf battle, had pizza and cake and then they all took limo ride home! Andrew went in the limo with the boys and I volunteered quickly to drive our car home, which was a peaceful quiet ride haha. Lincoln also celebrated with family at boston pizza (his restaurant of choice) for a special birthday dinner, and then with his other grandparents we had them over for homemade cheesecake, it was a super fun time celebrating our big kid! 

Also me being a space head mom I forgot my good camera to Lincolns birthday party LOL oh well iphone photos to the rescure!