Summer fun

We are soaking up all the sun we can lately, the weather has been hot but we have also had some rainy days in between! Summer has been a fun mix of being busy and using our passes that we bought to lots of fun places around calgary (calaway, heritage park, and granary road) and also having some slower days around the house, crafts, gardening and lots of scooter rides to the park. Autumn also did a dance camp and a mini workshop in aeriel silks which she loved so much! A few weekends back we went for a hike, we wanted to find a family friendly one that wasn't too hard, this one was a bit over an hour in total length and wasn't too hard, there were a few tiny rocky paths but for the most part the kids did great! We drove 1 hr and 50 min to this hike its called miners path hike but the falls are rainbow falls, it was a fun activity for the kids and of course we stopped at tim hortons on the way back and got timbits to make the drive extra fun :)