11 years married - celebrating in scotland

It just so happened that a day after our 11 year anniversary we jetted off to Scotland! The timing worked out great and so it was partly an exploring trip but also a little excuse to celebrate 11 years together! So far on the past three trips we have went on we have decided to get a photographer to capture some memories, i think its a great idea so every photo of us is not a selfie, plus setting up the self timer in a busy area can be annoying. I am glad we got to take some photos are the fairy glen, out of all the places we were visiting this is the one I wanted to see the most! It was so amazingly calm, there was no one there and it was the perfect weather when we went! Everything is so cute in scotland, i was laughing how so many of our animals in canada are big and scary and you have to be on high alert that something may eat you, where in scotland I was relaxed the whole time because their biggest animals are a stag or a sheep! The cutest were there were all these tiny bunnies in the fairy glen with the perfect little white round tails, too bad we didn't get a picture of them but they were so cute! This shoot lasted quite a while, lots of walking and we even climbed up to the top of the rock formation which doesn't look very difficult but it actually was with the ground being covered in rocks and we had to slide up through a tiny opening that my massive butt barely fit through hahah! We also stopped at a little waterfall for a second location and it was also lovely to see! What a fun experience and I am excited to share the photos with everyone :)