Catch up

well I haven't blogged since christmas haha! I was planning on canceling my blog since I don't feel there is much use for it anymore but I think of our upcoming trip and fun summer plans and this really is a great way to show the family and kids down the road a little peak into our everyday lives, I dont find this blog a journal or outlet but I do think of it more as a memory keeper as It brings me back to some special outings or trips with the family, and I love those memories with my loved ones. 

So having my last blog entry be Christmas you would think I would have a lot of interesting things to say from then till now but I don't. The winter this year in calgary nearly killed me, it was so depressing being here and I think I did every indoor activities with the kids around Calgary that I could manage! We celebrated Ryders third birthday and had a fun little get away to west edmonton mall and now finally things are picking up again! Life has gotten so busy now, we have a million appointments every week, so many things going on with the kids, play dates, birthday parties and end of year fun is coming! We head to Scotland soon, we also will be going to Saskatchewan for my grandmas burial. My sweet loving Grandma passed a week ago which has been really hard but I feel so blessed to have had the best memories with her and her last words to me were "I love you". Anyway I cant say 2018 was awesome yet because the first part of the year was actually pretty dreery but things are looking up and I am excited for all the fun to come this summer! 


Ok for some reason the photos are all in a crazy order and im too lazy to change it lol! Some of Rys party, some of my family and then some of today Ryders first day of soccer! it was everything I thought it may be, lots of fun and a couple of breakdowns. Ryder does not understand that he is not suppose to hold or touch the ball with his hands and only use feet, he also doesn't like when another kid gets the ball...that sharing thing is tough. But he did manage to score his first goal! I guess we shall see how it goes :)