Ok another overdue blog post but whatever thats how it is these days, I am still hanging on to keep my little blog going!

We went camping back in July with our friends, they're pro campers and have been a lot this on the other hand this was our first time with our kids which I find pathetic. Camping was one of mine and Andrews favorite memories with our families as kids, I feel like we were always camping! Yet we weren't brave enough to do it with our kids, I was super nervous going into this day because we had got on the road late and my biggest worry was what if Ryder doesn't sleep because when camping in tents well the whole campground hears!! Luckily everyone slept amazing and went to bed so good but me LOL. Our air mattress had a whole in it and the entire night I was slowly deflating down to the hard ground while Andrew snored away, for some reason this is always the case, hes such a deep sleeper, lucky him. We went to Old mcdonalds farm which is really close to red deer, man what a fun place for the kids!! Our kids loved playing on the beach, then exploring the campground, going on the park and even a rickety old ride they have for 25 cents, which went surprisingly fast. We also had a yummy dinner and smores..I ate way too many and we put the kids to bed and the adults got to enjoy a game of cattan by latternss. what!? we played a board game uninteruppted, that also almost never happens! All in all it was mostly a success and I hope next year to book a few weekends camping! 

either matt is eating the sun..or is a dragon 

either matt is eating the sun..or is a dragon 

this sunset!! amazing 

this sunset!! amazing