I had wanted to so badly make an awesome detailed post regarding our trip to Italy but I knew as usual we have been so busy that time has gotten away from me! 

So our trip to Italy was amazing! I feel proud I conquered an entire day of flying, 14 hours in the air, and I managed it just fine..although the way home felt long, boring and I was so anxious to get home to the kids! Ok so where do I begin..I feel like there is so much to say about a trip and so many little stories along the way to tell so a blog post wont really give all the details but I will sum up my highlights of our trip!

Rome - Rome is such a cool city, although it is what a lot of people warned me overwhelmingly busy, and touristy,  It was crazy! I knew it would be busy but I still cant explain it unless your there! Everything is huge and grand, its amazing to walk by every single building and realize that its ANCIENT! everything is old, everything has meaning and its just mind blowing! The downfalls of Rome are the extreme chaotic atmosphere, the drivers will genuinely kill you, I was scared to cross the street let alone drive which my brave husband did since we rented a car! My favourite thing to see was definitely the Colosseum, it is so grand and incredible inside, I genuinely enjoyed every second of being in there, although it was a bit crazy and eery thinking about the exact events that happened there, it is still an incredible building! Our airbnb in Rome was awesome, it was just enough away from the touristy spots but still close enough to walk, we loved walking around and seeing everything! 

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Vatican city - technically its own city. the Vatican is incredible, once again like everything there, its humongous, Pictures do not do anything justice by any means, until you're there you can't imagine the size but also artistic detail on every single wall, stone, painting...everything! The museums were awesome to look around, Andrew and I both loved it although this day was long and there was a lot of waiting around even though we were in a tour group, but we still loved it. 

I didn't get that many photos at the vatican because it was busy and so many groups and people infront of us I couldn't get as many awesome shots and inside the vatican I wanted to observe the art in the time we had plus you can't take photos inside the sistine chapel...although I saw some people trying but the gaurds scared me haha. To give perspective on how busy it was I googled that 7 million people visit the Vatican each year and in a day there is an average of 20 THOUSAND a day, hence the crowds haha! 



Florence - Beyond the most beautiful city I have seen in all of Italy we visited, the true beauty of the renaissance period. The florence cathedral the Duomo was for sure the most beautiful building I have ever seen, the details are insane and its such a different style than the other buildings, I could have sat and looked at it all day. The gallery academia that we visited that had Michel angelos David in it was amazing, that statue both took Andrews and my breath away, we also visited the medici chapels and they were impressive as well! Our florence day was also super fun because in the morning we had our photoshoot for our ten year anniversary, it was really nice to walk around the city and get some shots of just the two of us! it was weird, we were both so used to holding our kids in our photos and trying to get them to smile! haha


Tuscany - we stayed in a Villa in Tuscany which was 30 minutes away from Florence, it was amazing because we got quiet incredible views, a place all to our selves with no neighbors and we got to explore and dine in the cute little Tuscan towns in the hills of Tuscany! Up there it really does feel like a different world, the old towns are so traditional and everyone that lives there seemed to be locals that their whole families have lived there for generations. We also had some super incredible food in Tuscany at a local restaurant there! 



Pisa/La spezia (cinque Terre) - This day was a bit long as we had lots of driving the whole way but we broke up the trip by stopping lots. Our first destination was Pisa, Pisa as town basically has nothing in it besides the area with the cathedrals and the tower of Pisa, so if your going there I wouldn't recommend getting a hotel, I would go, see it and then continue on to a different destination because it's a pretty small town. off we continued to la spezia a little coastal town which has the train station that takes you up to Cinque Terre the 5 little towns within the side of a mountain. Taking the train within the mountains kinda freaked me out a little but it was cool to come out on the other side and see the beautiful ocean! ah the ocean never gets old to me. we visited 4 of the towns within Cinque terre the fourth one being the "most iconic" It was a fun colorful town lots of little gift shops and restaurants, although if you were to go I think it would be best to go in Summer so you can hop on a little boat ride or swim! Or in the summer you can hike the trails in between the towns which would be super cool, it was too muddy due to rain when we went so some of the paths were closed. 


Venice - such a cool city! The thing that blew my mind about venice is the people that live there. I cannot imagine how inconvenient it would be taking the water taxi most places and the tiny little streets that apartments are on! Such a neat city although it was a bit rainy and cold so we opted out of the gondola ride while we there, of course as expected the architecture was amazing! It's kinda of funny how by the end of a trip you get used to all the amazing buildings, it must be how here we get used to the huge mountains yet people that visit have their jaws to the floor! haha, there is so many cool things to see in the world, I have a feeling were just getting started ;). 


This trip was a great choice for our ten year anniversary, it was a place the kids definitely wouldn't have appreciated like we did, it was somewhere totally different than we have ever been and it was definitely an adventure with navigating our way through the streets of Italy and the roads! oh ya and it was a tid bit romantic too ;), kind of the point of a ten year anniversary trip hehe.