Nutcracker and Heritage park christmas

Two of my favourite christmas acitivies are complete!! What a super fun season we have had! Autumn, my mom and I went to the nutracker ballet again this year it really is so fun to get fancy and dressed up and enjoy some drinks and treats and watch the incredible ballet dancers! We also had the best seats this year and it was so fun to be so close and see the dancers expressions and hear the flutter of the ballet shoes across the floor, it was so magical and I hope we are creating such fun memories for our kids. We also went to heritage park once upon a christmas with my cousin and we love doing this as our kids go into the kids only store to get mom and dads presents, they are always SO fun to open and comical, this was the first year Ryder went in as well although I think Ryder thinks the present is for him haha!! Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season, only 4 more days!!