Baker Creek mountain getaway

Oh we are all in full christmas mode over here and life has been nothing but hustle and bustle for honestly since we went to italy last may life took off the minute we got home. But I am always trying to prioritize family time and I love traveling and get aways even if its just a few hour jaunt away I hope to give my kids many little trips like this as some of the best memories are made this way! In my childhood we couldn't afford to go on many fly away trips but we did plenty weekend get aways, I loved them all and one of my absolute favorite spots was Baker creek, it is a few hours away near lake louise. My favorite thing is it feels like you are in the middle of no where, which is true, the wifi was terrible, there is no tv and it was the perfect disconnect we needed, I did let the kids bring their Ipads mainly for the long drive up there but we had so much fun cooking in our little cabin that evening, we made a big batch of my favorite comfort food, spaghetti, we played lots of fun board games with the kids, except Ryder is still learning the concept, we have a fun pictionairy game but when its Ryder turn he always shouts out the picture he sees on the card haha we all find it pretty funny. The kids had bubble baths and enjoyed their loft where the big kids slept, it was also nice to be around some snow since Calgary is so brown right now the wintery snow and warm fire place sure brought in the Christmas spirit. I am so grateful for this special time with our family.