Ryders first birthday party!!

We had Ryders birthday party a few weeks early as his birthday this year is on a Tuesday and the 13th was the only saturday we had available. It turned out to be such a fun day! Poor Ryder did not have his morning nap, I think he could tell there was birthday excitement happening and he refused to sleep, so during his party he was exhausted! But luckily didn't complain he just was being lazy and tired haha, but of course like I suspected he really enjoyed his cake! We had fun with this theme, it was a Lumberjack party, I don't know why it just seemed to suit him well, hes our husky little man!!

Thank you to all our amazing friends and family that came, Ryder got so many adorable goodies and we feel so lucky to have you all be such big parts in Rys life!

Now for the pictures!

I forgot to take more pictures of Ryder and his friends but after the cake he crashed and had a two hour nap! 

Here is Ryder enjoying his cake...note the first song was chosen by mama and the second by daddy. LOL 

Also here is a little photoshoot I did of our little lumberjack