well the past week has been crazy! Coming home from our iceland trip, dealing with jet lag, having a family birthday party for Autumn and then her party with her friends this week while editing photos(and our normal school routine)...its been busy! Next time we head to Europe I think I will make sure we do not have important things planned the day after we get home, I seriously don't know how people who travel often deal with the jet lag of time changes, does it get easier people? It nearly killed me haha. so iceland, it is an amazing place! Even though we went in the fall we know it wouldn't be great weather and we definitely experienced our fair share of rain, it didn't hinder the beauty of the land by any means. It was a neat experience for Andrew and I to visit the main city Reykjavik and the other smaller towns, Reykjavik definitely is touristy and has some really cute trendy parts, we couldn't believe how expensive Iceland is though, its nuts!!  But it makes sense when everything on the island is imported, it is just such a different way of living than here! It was fun to explore the city but it was even better to be out in our little rental car exploring the land, there is so much to see and do there and we only got to experience the south coast of the island, we really want to go back one day and do the west fjords and the northern part of the island! It was a fun trip to go on just Andrew and I, and all the driving we did it was nice because all that time it was just the two of us chatting the car, without kids interrupting us! We loved all the beautiful natural scenery and Iceland is a really cool trip if you want to go some where different, it was definitely a neat contrast after recently doing a beach vacation! anyway we took so many photos and tons of video, we are working towards putting the video together so hopefully I will be able to share that soon, but for now take a peak of our pictures!