Better late than never! Summer recap

Wow!! I completely stopped blogging. I didn't blog the entire summer....I am terrible at this blog thing, but I feel even if I go months in between posts that I really shouldn't stop because I have been doing it for years and it's a great way for me to keep track of our family's memories. Is blogging still a thing though? I used to follow like 50 blogs and always keep up on them but I completely stopped a few years ago, I honestly just don't have the time anymore and I feel like I have hard enough time keeping up on facebook, then the new thing was instagram and now snapchat...I need to keep social media relevant though so when my kids are teenagers I know what they're doing...;). 

Our summer was great though, it was a simple summer and we didn't go anywhere out of town, we knew with two trips in the fall it wouldn't be realistic to try and fit in any summer get aways. But we got passes to heritage park and calaway park and spent lots of time there, the only bummer was there really wasn't many hot days in Calgary so we spent more time in doors than I had wanted but we managed to have a super fun birthday party for Lincoln at laser tag with his friends, and the kids did a bike camp for one week and Autumn did a preschool summer camp! 

Here are some of our favorite summer pics.