4 months!

My baby boy is 4 months old. he is a happy silly little guy! He weighs in at 15 pounds and is still not doing much rolling over...he has maybe done it three times, which seems quite a bit slower than my other kiddies at this age, but thats okay he can take his time ;). He also is able to stabilize him self in the sitting position for max 30 seconds, or he will fold in half, its cute and he's getting the hang of it! We love this little guy, he definitely makes our house more fun and busy! 

Summer has been a whirlwind, school finished up, swimming classes finished up, Autumn had her dance recital and we have had lots of birthdays, fun trips for the kids, calaway park, beach and water park time!Also we have been busy with our side photography business, so I would say its been a pretty successful summer and we're only half way through it! 

I realized I never shared some of the fun pictures we took of the kids recently. so take a look! Finally one with all three looking!