2 weeks

Well my baby boy is now 2 weeks old, time is very odd right now, it feels like its been flying in some ways and others I feel like he just got here. I forgot what it feels like to be truly sleep deprived, not tired but like actually sleep deprived. I never remembered feeling this way with Autumn or Lincoln, I'm sure I did to some extent but maybe the fact that I am older this time around has something to do with it, thank goodness we are done having kids, my body could not take any more!! My c section recovery has been pretty by the books, first few days hurt now its just if I cough, sneeze or move too quickly it will hurt a bit but not too bad. my complaints have been more postpartum things, this time around especially in the first week my emotions were all of the map, I never felt depressed but I felt a teeny bit nuts, just hysterical crying at any given moment, I felt overwhelmed with how tired I felt and with breastfeeding. Ryder has been a great and easy nurser and for that I am grateful, but within two days of being home I was so engorged and then it turned into clogged ducts which I worked so hard to clear up, through feeding, expressing and pumping, finally last week one night I was shivery, shaking and had the chills so bad I figured this cant just be from sleep exhaustion right....so the next day I went to the walk in clinic and was told I had really bad mastitis on my right side and its infected, my blood pressure was through the roof and my heart rate was high probably due to the stress, infection and pain from the mastitis, so I got some antibiotics and now its been a few days and I am feeling a lot better, not a 100% but definitely a big improvement. I am a little mad I got mastitis so fast and it made me want to give up on breastfeeding, but I know as with all these baby things you just give them a few weeks and they get a lot easier! I am not the most patient person and sometimes I get frustrated I am not back to normal yet, then Andrew reminds me, "you had a baby less than 2 weeks ago!!" and I go oh ya I guess that isn't that long of a time period, i'll give my self to the 6 week mark and hopefully i'll be feeling close to my old self, but at the same time I know I was pregnant for 9 months and it sure does take a while to sort those hormones back out! 

Here are some pictures of our little darling boy over the past week or so :)