1 month old

Our sweet boy Ryder is officially one month old as of today! It really is sad how fast babies grow, they are newborns for such a short period of time and I will treasure this with him, as he is our last baby!! It makes me sad but we really are loving this little guy, he is bringing so much love into our lives! He is a good baby but not the greatest sleeper, we are still adjusting and hoping we can come up with some strategies for helping him sleep longer stretches, my goal is 4 hours, right now he only does about 2.5 hours at night, and that is getting exhausting, but I know he is still little so I am hoping with time it gets better! The kids love him and are so so sweet with him, we are so glad he is apart of our family!

This past weekend life was a little crazy as Andrew went into the hospital to have an emergency appendectomy, I am so glad he is ok and he didn't have to be in the hospital for too long, but it was pretty painful for him and it seems like kind of bad luck we both are recovering from surgeries but luckily my recovery is almost over and I can drive again in 2 weeks, woo hoo! life is busy right now but we cant complain, I am so thankful my hubby is healthy and his surgery was quick and he seems to be recovering well, we definitely need our daddy in our lives!!

I am so excited to start Ryders monthly photos, I loved doing it with Autumn, I wish I would've done it with baby Linc but kind of tricky with him being in the hospital for the first 3 months of his life, but really such great memories, you can never have too many baby pictures!