7 Months!

Ok worst blogger of the year award goes to me......seriously who even reads this anymore? if you are reading this, I applaud you. Life gets away from me, but I am still am committed to this silly blog because I enjoy looking back and remember all the fun big and small memories we are creating with our kiddies.

So Ryder 7 months old, (he's 8 now because this post is so late), I would say 7 months was our trickiest month yet!, Ryder had a bad cold which lasted like two weeks and turned him into probably the crankiest little mess of a baby, it completely threw off his sleep and we are still working on correcting this and on top of that he got 2 teeth! Ryder at 7 months is an eating machiene, I am still breastfeeding and his food needs are off the charts, I am not used to hungry kids haha Lincoln and Autumn both ate like birds, Ryder breastfeeds all day but my supply has drastically dropped and he needs two big formula bottles at night, in between that he usually has cheese, puffs or some baby cracker before and after each meal, water, and 3 big meals, he loves yogurt, apple sauce, meat, pretty much every single vegetable besides beets and he loves avocados, i am hoping he continues to love such an array of food! He's a big growing boy.