Tonsillectomy recovery

Well we have been busy the past 2 weeks, most importantly I had my Tonsillectomy surgery!! Phew I am glad that it's over, I tried really hard to not make a big deal out of it before the surgery and even during recovery but the truth is, it really sucked!! I mean I doubt any surgeries are great but I was pretty blown away by the pain I experienced luckily the pain didn't become horrible till about day 5-6, that's the thing about a tonsillectomy surgery the pain gets worse before it gets better, and for anyone considering this surgery seriously you can totally do it and totally get through it, chances of any complications are slim but you have to not be like and expect each day to feel better, you have to mentally prepare your self to not start to feel good till AT LEAST day 10 and onward, I mean my doctor did say give your self a full 2 weeks for recovery and it definitely took that long, and now I think I am day 16 post op and everything is back to normal but if I have a wide yawn or something it still kind of hurts and I found I have more saliva than usual but those are super minor things that will go away. I had a lot of people by maybe day 8 be like what's going on? why are you still feeling so crappy, why are you not better yet? so it's definitely good for family to know that this will take a full 2 weeks, cause it can feel disheartening when you want to feel better asap and people are going what's going on? My surgery was good though and it felt fast to me, the first few days were hell for me though and it was disappointing because when I woke up the pain in my throat was pretty minimal I was like haha I got this, this is going to be a piece of cake until the EXTREME nausea began, I have had general anaesthetic once before with my c section with Lincoln but I never remember waking up that nauseous but for some reason this time I had it really bad, I was so nauseous for 3 days straight I think it was a combo of not eating, super strong meds like percosets and tylenol 3s, and the general anesthetic being in my system, the first day once I got home I throw up a ton which was not fun having you know my tonsils just out but luckily I only did that one time and I actually felt a bit better, I noticed my throw up was blood and red and brown and I was confused why since I hadn't ate then I realised the doctor said it is because during the surgery they try to stop the bleeding right away but some blood with trickle down into your stomach, so no wonder I felt sick from all that blood being in my stomach. I couldn't handle the tylenol 3s much longer either so after day 3 I just decided to take extra strength tylenol I figured Id rather be in a bit more pain than SO sick, and I stuck with percosets for probably the first week at night so I could sleep a bit better, by i think day 8 I stopped the percosets because even though the first few nights they helped me sleep and helped with the pain the later nights I found they were making my mind race, I laid awake with huge eyes and couldn't stop thinking for about 6 hours straight and I did that for 3 nights in a row so I was totally exhausted with no sleep so I finally braved it with just tylenol for the last few days and I think by day 10 I was able to stop all the medication. I think If your considering this surgery for a child and they have lots of throat infections its a GREAT idea, the recovery for children is MUCH shorter and they seem to bounce back very quickly and if you can save your kid years of throat issues like I've had its well worth it. Now this surgery at age 25......pretty difficult but for some people like me with chronic throat issues its super necessary, I don't think the tonsillectomy was as bad as the horror stories I read on line but from day 5-8 I felt AWFUL, the pain was so extreme every time I ate and swallowed it felt like my ears were on fire and swallowing did feel like knives in your throat haha but honestly if you are "OLD" like me and you need to get it done, just do it, if you can handle the pain from strep throat all the time and tonsillitis you can totally handle this just please give your self the full 2 weeks before you say why am I not better yet. But honestly I am SO thankful it's over, its felt like I've waited forever to have this surgery and now its done! I am so happy, and proud of my self for actually going through with it, and yes I'm not guaranteed a free pass that I'll never get a throat infection or sore throat again but what I do know is the severity will be MUCH less and the duration so thats great news, also more validation I had made the right decision was my surgeon afterwards told me that my tonsils were so scarred and were huge and he noticed how many infections I have had by all the scars and crypts in my tonsils which were probably carrying lots of bacteria too! So good ridden tonsils! Also I felt super grateful for the help of my hubby and my mom who watched the kids for a few full days for me and my cousin who also took the kids off my hands and took and picked up Lincoln from school and also friends who brought me goodies and jello I am so grateful and my brother and sister in law for the beautiful flowers, it all really helped lift my spirits!! Now onward and upward to better times!