Well it's the weekend and we are trying to relax after our trip to vegas, it was super busy but super fun. Once we were there I realized how badly Andrew and I needed a break and I am so glad we got to get away and I was nervous about leaving the kids but I think it was so good for them, so nice to have some bonding time with grandma McCollum as she doesn't live in Calgary anymore and we skyped with the kids so we could tell them about our day and they could tell us about theirs! The first day Andrew and I arrived in Vegas at 9:50 am, so we had to be at the airport super early for our flight, but we had the whole day in Vegas, we first went to the rainforest cafe at the MGM for lunch, then headed down the strip to Caesars palace to see if there were Celine tickets, sadly because of a conference in town and it was Celines first night back after a break all the tickets to the show were sold out, i was sad but there are so many cool shows in Vegas I knew we'd find one, we went down to Mandalay Bay and got tickets to Michael Jackson One the cirque du soilel show, it was AMAZING, one of the best cirques I've seen, we have seen 4 Cirque shows and after O the water cirque show, id say Michael jackson was my favourite, the dancing and music was obviously amazing but true cirque style there was tons of crazy tricks and stunts, we really enjoyed that! The rest of the day we spent shopping we went to the outlet mall and got some sweet deals then headed to town square as I wanted to find a whole foods, so we went there then shopped around town square as its a really nice outdoor mall and grabbed dinner at a restaurant called Brio, it was amazing then headed out to see the michael jackson show, then Kaylee and Matt our friends who met us down in vegas arrived at 10pm that night then we all went out went around the casinos and grabbed a bite to eat then back to the hotel, I was pretty exhausted because we had been up since 4:30 am to get ready for our flight and I had made the bright decision to wear heals while walking the entire strip (bad idea for your feet lol). Once Kaylee and Matt were there the next few days we had fun going to lots of awesome restaurants, we had an amazing lunch at the Belagio cafe, it was so beautiful inside all Asian inspired and awesome food, we went to see KA the other cirque show, it was really good but not as crazy trick wise as the other shows we have seen, but still fun to see! we went shopping at another outlet mall, made sure to go the coke and m&m store, and I managed to pick up quite a few goodies for the kids from there and the rainforest cafe store and the mall! Also probably a big highlight of the trip for the guys was going to the gun store and going to the shooting range, it was crazy for me because they had so many different guns and tons of machine guns which you can't shoot in Canada. Shooting a gun looks so easy in the movies but it was really hard, well I tried the hand gun and it has the least kick but it still felt heavy and had so much force when you shot it and was SO loud, it was scary for me but I'm glad I tried it! Our whole trip was tons of a fun and I'm glad we were able to get away from the cold for even a short break!! Coming home to the kids was super fun to though, it was so fun to see them and give them some presents and get some nice cuddles as we missed those little stinkers!!