My Little Loves

with Valentines day approaching (tomorrow!) I had to quickly snap a few pictures of my cuties, I have been awful at blogging but hoping to be able to get back into it now, we were sick with strep throat last weekend so we basically were laying around all weekend, we did manage to watch a ton of the olympics though which has been awesome as we all love the olympics, they are learning about them at school too so Lincoln is right into them as well and said he even got to meet an olympic athlete at school! I have no idea who....but he said he did so hopefully that is a true story from him haha! we are so excited to be picking up grandma Mccollum from the airport on sunday as she is coming to stay will Andrew and I head to vegas next week! I am really excited to have a little break but feeling pretty nervous about leaving the kids, mostly Autumn because I've never left her over night before, I know Lincoln will be okay and we plan on skyping every night with them so that will help and were gone for a short time so I think it will be okay!! 

here are a few pictures of my sweet little lovies. I couldn't love these stinkers more!!