Well I know these posts are in backwards order, me blogging about the new year and still haven't had time to blog our Christmas stuff yet...but it will happen, who cares what order its in right!? As long as i'm documenting it so my mommy brain remembers it, i'm happy. 


I am so ready for 2015, anyone else feeling this way? The new year really does feel like a fresh start and a smidge closer to warmer weather, even if I do have a few more months to wait I know I can make it! 2014 was a year.......oh man of lots trials, self growth, discovery, blessings and seriously hard ships,  Id say the biggest two challenges were losing my dear grandpa and uncle, who I had really close relationships with, and of course seeing my grandma and family in that much pain, and also my own personal tonsillectomy (that was nasty). But through those two big hard ships I still found a remainder of peace, I never felt the desperation and loss of hope like I have before and i'm glad in the midst of some trails I've still felt joy, happiness and experienced personal growth. I'm not going to go through and list all the crappy things that happened in 2014, I have lived through them and they're in the past, so why harbor on them? 2014 did have lots of joyous moments, tons with my kids, husband, family and friends. and seriously 2014 was the year of blessings with babies! My cousin and 4 of my closest girlfriends had babies, seriously there is nothing in this world that can bring more joy than a baby! and of course my own pregnancy, a baby I really wasn't sure existed...I really didn't know if god had the plans for us to have a third but it happened and I'm so excited to have him here in 2015! Plus we had an amazing vacation across B.C. this summer and so much fun going to Las Vegas with our friends in February! I am not really the make a whole list of goals person for 2015, because lets be honest, most people don't keep them, so i'm trying to be realistic, live more in the moment, appreciate the end of my pregnancy (THE END IS NEAR YAY), prepare for my baby, hoping for a great birth of my baby and recovery, trying to be healthier for myself and the kids, and honestly just little things like make it places on time, get everyone dressed, have a cleaner house, cook healthier meals haha! seriously those all sound great to me! of course I'm always up for any adventures coming my way but really stability is what I am craving, just settling in to life with three kids, and still making time for each kid, hubby, and of course myself! well see how it all goes, but I feel excited about the new year, i hope everyone else is too!! 

A few weeks back I took some maternity photos, just in the comfort of our own home, I really didn't feel like it but I'm glad Andrew talked me into it, it will good to remember how crazy large my belly has gotten! 

Also a bit of a pregnancy update 

How far along? Almost 30 weeks EEE
Total weight gain/loss: 16 pounds 

Maternity clothes? mostly 
Stretch marks? No new ones....(please stay this way!!)

Movement: TONS, this baby is crazy but I can tell his sleep/awake times, and he definitely moves a lot after I eat 
Food cravings: this past week all I want is Caesar salad 
Anything making you queasy or sick: just heartburn ALL THE TIME, basically living off zantac :( 

 Labor Signs: Not really.. more pressure though....kind of like a bowling ball sitting on your crotch, know that feeling? LOL I think it's more my damn pelvis and the way the baby is positioned :( 

Belly Button in or out? half way....starting to pop out, the top is out 
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: meh half and half I suppose. 
Milestones: nothing really...just chugging along, 7 more weeks till my baby is in my arms....I am so ready and SO not ready at the same time! But ready to be over pregnancy :)