Snowy days

Well this past weekend it snowed, a lot and got down to some pretty cold temperatures. Honestly by February I will be so over this, not fun to drive in and it taking me twenty minutes just to get out the door with extremely bundled children but this weekend it just felt magical to me, I didn't have much plans and just being in comfy sweat pants curled up on the couch watching the snow fall was blissful. We went bowing this weekend with friends and then I had a family dinner with my mama on sunday, while the kids were playing in her basement I was quietly sitting by myself on my moms big lounging chair, watching the snow fall in her backyard, and sitting by her beautiful crackling fire, my hubby came to me with a text message he just got from our friend saying my BFF just had her baby that day, I couldn't believe it, such fantastic news on a wonderful weekend. Life is currently in one of those cycles where it doesn't feel like much is happening, same old routine everyday, concentrating on getting a week further in my pregnancy each week, school routine and so forth, but I am trying to just be more in the present, which is SO hard for me, I am the type of person constantly thinking weeks, months ahead about our plans but I am trying to enjoy this phase because before I know things will get crazy busy and then I will be wishing I had more free time, so for now I'll just enjoy the quiet the snow is bringing and try to concentrate on all the wonderful blessing I have in this moment. 

Here are some snowy pictures of my little snow angels and a few baby bump pictures, my sweet boy is growing FAST, he is moving ALL the time, big movements and I am currently getting the "WOW you popped" "you're huge" comments, once again my husband keeps reminding me, pregnancy is a blink of an eye, really its over before you know it and most of my life I will spend NOT pregnant so not to let those comments get to me, I keep chanting, this is temporary, this is temporary hahah. At almost 23 weeks I have gained 12 pounds, which i am fine with, but my belly is measuring 4 weeks bigger, which scares me but I also know this is how my super short body frame carries, even though my ultrasounds the baby has measured on the bigger size....and my placenta is right under my belly button, so kinda a recipe for showing BIG. lol What ya gonna do? I'm not stopping eating ;). 

and yes...I got Autumns hair cut, against everyone's advice she got bangs, it was a spur of the moment thing, while she was getting her hair cut, which she really needed, it was her first cut and still had so many scraggly baby hairs so this really evened it out, but as for the bangs she had this weird side bang that was constantly covering her eyes and she was seriously justin bieber constantly flinging her head back to get the hair out of her eyes, so we figured we would try bangs, if we hate them I will just pin them back and let them grow but for now I think its cute :). 

AHHH my bump looks huge here, like a big ball lol