Bouncing baby BOY

Well friday was our big ultrasound day, we found out our little dear third baby will be a boy. I think it is a the perfect way to complete our family, I already feel a really close bond with this guy and feel so dang lucky to be having him join our family. We honestly had no preference to which sex of baby to have, I mean there's so many individual fun things about each gender that I am so grateful I have been able to experience both, either way with this baby we were just so excited to be completing our family. The baby was moving like crazy during my ultrasound and I've been able to feel him wiggle and kick inside me a bit this past week quite a bit and I am just loving it! My energy has been really low the past few weeks and i'm not sure why, also my leg/hip is acting up again but I have good days and bad days, it's been a pretty decent pregnancy so far but odd complaints along the way, each one has been so different. I am getting nervous coming up to the scary part in pregnancy, week 20-24 where premature labor is at a high risk and of course the baby is not at that viable stage, I think no matter what id feel nervous about this stage and once I hit week 25 I am gonna go out and celebrate haha and just relax a bit! I am monitored like a hawk by my doctor and have already have two manual checks and cervical length ultrasounds and everything looks good, I pray it stays that way. I am hoping for the best for this pregnancy, and I feel so dang blessed to be pregnant, some women don't get that chance, and I am so glad I have my two other healthy beautiful children, I really do feel so lucky and can't wait to meet and love this beautiful boy.