First day of Kindergarten!

Well it came and went pretty fast, Lincoln's first week of school is over! I am glad he has friday off so he has a day to chill, and then the weekend. Next week will be the full week with the full days, this week Tuesday and Wednesday classes were only an hour just to get the kids comfortable and Thursday was a full day! He did really good, the first day he said he was nervous when all the kids were lining up but I promised him he'd be fine and when I picked him up he was so happy to see me, it was wonderful! He told me he even got to go on a tour of the "big" school, he saw the gym, bathrooms and there was some playdough that him and some boys were playing motorbikes with it. I'm so glad the first week went so well! I didn't even shed a tear, Autumn had a fit though she kept saying "I'm coming too!" and " see teachers?" she doesn't even know what teachers are, she some how picked up that word lol, soon enough though she will get into the routine of knowing that Lincoln comes and goes to school. I barely got any pictures because I was spazzing over time, the first day though I didn't need to spaz because we waited 15 minutes for the teachers to come out, on the last day we ran to the doors while the line of kids was going in....gosh its me that needs to do some adjusting!!! Hopefully I'll get it right soon lol. 



Autumn was determined to bring her baby dressed this way...just in her socks. scandal! hahah