September, were ready!

Well today is Lincoln's first day of Kindergarten, he's excited, but I am nervous! kindergarten seems like such a BIG step, no more preschool, were on to the big school! I can't believe I have a child old enough for kindergarten, it seems so weird, but even if I'm personally not ready, we are ready! Back to school outfits have been purchased, Lincoln's back pack is all ready, I went to Costco and purchased bulk snacks (guess I'm a stay at home mom officially lol), indoor shoes are purchased and everything we need for Lincoln is ready! I even got him a "congratulations on your first day of school present" haha, some star war flash lights which he is really going to love!! Now we can't forget about our little lady in the family, Miss Autumn is all registered for her mommy and me dance class which we start mid September Saturday mornings, her outfits are purchased and I even got the kids Halloween costumes this weekend! There's something wrong with me, it's like I'm nesting! Must be because I know fall is in the air and routine is a coming whether I like it or not! Last week I was in the mood to bake and ended up baking quite a few loaves, even made a small batch of blue berry jam! So I will blog how today goes at Lincoln's kindergarten! Oh man!! Hopefully I wont cry (bawl) when I drop him off today!! 



I cannot get a "normal" face from this kid!! Oh well, we love your quirky personality little bud!