Fall Fun

The past few weeks have been awesome, Lincoln has settled right into Kindergarten, Autumn started Ballet class and I was able to accomplish some canning with my girlfriends!! I had parent teacher interviews last week, Just I went as I couldn't get an evening time when Andrew wasn't working but It went really well, I was excited to see the kindergarten class and to hear how enthusiastic Linc is about learning! One of the projects they worked on was making a little wire sculpture of how they see them selves, Lincoln sees him self as a man standing on one leg balancing on a turtle.....Yah. That's pretty much what I expected, something weird, hahah love that little guy! Also last week Lincoln told me how they read books on a guy named Harry Fox and how he's really cool and runs on one leg, I then realized later he was talking about Terry Fox, not a harry fox haha I had a good laugh out of that one! I'm so proud of my little man and how well he is settling into his routine, even though after every day of school he still falls asleep because the poor little man is so exhausted! Last week we also had both the kids check ups at the doctor, Lincoln was a whopping 33.8 pounds and still in the 5th percentile for weight, no surprise there and 25th for height, my little Autumn is 22 pounds and only in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th for height, Lincoln has his preemie excuse but Autumn doesn't, I guess I just make tiny kids!! Autumns first Ballet class last saturday went awesome, she was adorable and I was impressed by how much she participated, they sang the loudest for the song portion and tried really hard to do all the dance moves, it was so fun, I am really glad I registered her in this class!!


Now on to the canning! My girlfriends and I decided we all wanted to try canning, we made peaches, pears, pickles and tomatoes! It was honestly so much fun, a little exhausting as well but the hard work paid off and I feel so proud of my canned goods, It's nice to have them in the pantry ready to use!  

Here is all our photos from the past few weeks!