Last weekend we ventured up to Camrose Alberta, its a cute town (maybe it's a city I'm not sure haha), my sweet Nana and a few aunties and cousins have always lived there so I have lots of fun memories of going up there as a kid and we have tried to make visits when we can. We were invited to my cousin Melanie and her now hubby Murray's wedding! we had decided since being in a hotel the weekend before that we would just drive up for the day then drive home that night, it was a long day with the kids and the 6 hour drive in total, but the kids did pretty good and the 3 hr drive back they slept the whole way! We left the wedding around 9:30pm and got home at 1:30 am, so we were pretty tired when we got home but it was a fun day! The wedding was super cute and I loved how at the reception they had made it so kid friendly for us, they had a hight chair for Autumn and little treat bags for the kids with fun toys and stickers to keep them busy! The kids were pretty good but by the time the speeches rolled around they were needing to get some of there energy out, so they had fun playing outside with some other little children who were at the wedding! here are our pictures from the day, silly me didn't manage to get a picture of my cousins or family as I didn't take many pictures cause those kids kept my hands full and busy but I managed to get a few playing outside! 

These first few pictures my Nana sent me so I can't take credit for them but I wanted to share because I thought it was a cute idea, they had everyone who attended the wedding write a little message on a chalk board and get there picture taken!  



My cousin let me borrow her cute dress, I loved it, it was comfy as well, which was perfect for the drive!  


Now for some nice couple pictures of Dustin and Shevaughn  

IMG_6341 (2).jpg

this last photo is another one my Nana sent me. I love how my dads side of the family really celebrates the Norwegian history, so this cake is a ring krumkake cake, and in tradition the couple grabs the top of the cake and how ever many rings you end up getting is how many children you will have, so they ended up getting 3! So I guess we will see ;)