Last weekend we headed out to Invermere BC for the weekend with our kids! it wasn't drama free though, to start the weekend off I ended up Saturday morning in the dentist getting an infected tooth pulled! Honestly I can't remember the last time my face hurt that much, before I had the light bulb moment with my tooth that whole week I had been having extreme face pressure, pain, and severe headaches, and headaches in my forehead and temples, which I have never experienced before it was so weird, then saturday morning I just new it was my tooth, my left back molar! Since it's pulled its been a ton of relief especially with the pressure, but of course there's a healing period so it still has hurt, still had some headaches and even tingles in my head and cheeks but I think that's just the nerves been affected from a molar being pulled, but I am so glad that is over with!! I was still determined to make the trip to BC, honestly Lincoln's hopes were so high that I felt I couldn't let him down, even though all I wanted to do was sleep! I spent most of the weekend hopped up on pain meds and feel exhausted but I am still glad we went and we still managed to create happy memories as a family, the fresh mountain air was so refreshing to wake up to, and the weather wasn't that hot and one night it lightly rained but we relaxed in the hot pools while the cold rain came down on our heads, it was really nice! We stayed at Panorama Mountain, we love it there, this the second year in a row we have been and might have to make it a summer tradition, there's so many fun activities right there and best part of the hotel is the fun gondola you ride up and down, they kids road it about 100 times while we were there, they loved it! We went into Invermere on the sunday and did go to the beach but we didn't stay too long as it was pretty chilly outside, even though the kids didn't mind! We also road the chair lift to the top of Panorama Mountain, it was so nice up there, we saw lots of deer, and it was so quiet up there! We went for lots of walks and sunday night we rented ice age as a family from the little store in Panorama and the kids loved cuddling and watching that show with us! We head a great weekend, and here are our pictures from it! Autumn has her life jacket in most pictures because she's obsessed with it and would scream if you take it off her, so she even sported it to a few restaurants haha! And I wore no make up the whole weekend and had a swollen cheek! Oh well lol!