My Mamas Wedding!

Back in the beginning of August we all celebrated my mom and Rogers weddding! It had been fun helping my mom plan wedding details and preparing with her! We were all excited when her and Roger got engaged, were so happy for them and happy they have found each other and can share the rest of their lives together! The wedding was beautiful, it was a busy day for us as we were the photographers for the wedding plus our kids were at the ceremony, but thank heavens my in laws were in town! They were such a help for us and watched the children for the reception so we could enjoy our time and take the photos! I wanted to share some of our family shots and some of my favourite shots of my mama and Roger! 


B52 .jpg
B28 .jpg

Look at how cute my brother and his girlfriend Shevaughn are :)  

B70 .jpg
B73 .jpg
B75 .jpg
B3 .jpg

My cute grandparents, and here are the crazy children who wouldn't pose for pictures lol 

B76 .jpg
C54 .jpg
C67 .jpg
C90 .jpg
C92 .jpg
C63 .jpg

Love you mommy!