Calgary Corn Maze

Back in July we headed to the Calgary corn maze with the kids, it is one of my favourite summer activities to do with the kids, they love the parks, animals and little tractor train. Autumn is really into animals right now, her two favourites are ducks and horses, they even had some tiny baby horses and she loved looking at them and even petting a baby bunny and kitty, Lincoln enjoyed the animals too but his favourite activity was the duck race you could play! The weather was hot that day but super windy so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted and my little kids weren't being the most willing subjects but I still managed to get a few!   

_MG_7556 (2).jpg
_MG_7563 (2).jpg
_MG_7624 (2).jpg
_MG_7639 (2).jpg
_MG_7664 (2).jpg
_MG_7677 (2).jpg
_MG_7732 (2).jpg

On the way home from the corn maze I saw all the beautiful canola fields in bloom and we had to take some pictures of our little beauty in them, I think she looks just lovely among the flowers!!