catching up

Hey, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on from July-August, we have been busy with our in laws in town and staying at our house, then many family gatherings plus my moms wedding and we photographed the whole wedding so that has been keeping me busy! It's all been super fun though even though the past week I have been feeling a little run down so Andrew and I have been trying to go to bed earlier which is hard for us, normally were up really late so this past week we have been trying to get to bed at a decent time, plus I just found out from my doctor that I am anaemic, which is no biggie but definitely could contribute to low energy levels so I hope these Iron pills kick in fast so I regain some of my energy! 

Back in July before we got super sick we headed to calaway park with our best friends and it was a blast, the kids went on basically every ride they were tall enough for, it did pour rain for about an hour while we were there but we managed to hide from it under the train ride shelter and then go on the train, even though it was soaking wet the kids had a blast!!  

_MG_6936 (2).jpg
_MG_6964 (2).jpg
_MG_6968 (2).jpg
_MG_7012 (2).jpg
_MG_7015 (2).jpg
_MG_7063 (2).jpg
_MG_7090 (2).jpg
_MG_7121 (2).jpg

this last pic is bad quality as we bought it from the counter there and then just scanned it, but doesn't Andrew look hilarious, plus poor little carter was covered by the coat so he didn't get wet haha!