Lincoln is FIVE!

Yesterday was Lincolns fifth birthday!! We had such a fun busy day! I made him a birthday breakfast he requested hashbrowns eggs and berries, and of course a juice box, then we headed to heritage park! His McCollum grandparents are in town so we met them there and also his older cousins, Hunter, Max and Griffin! Lincoln thinks they are sooo cool, especially because they are older, he just follows them around like a puppy, he was so excited to spend the day with them! We had a birthday picnic with them and then got to go on some rides and visit the animals then we headed home to get things ready for Lincoln's birthday dinner! He had all his grandparents there, minus great Nana and Hans who we missed, but his great grandma and grandpa wickwire, grandma and grandpa roger and grandma and grandpa McCollum and his Uncle Dustin and Shevaughn! We had what Lincoln wanted for dinner, Pizza! Then we had cupcakes and trifle after, I made a castle cake for Linc I wanted to try out this new cake mould i bought but I'm not very happy with how it turned out....I feel like it looks like Lincoln decorated it hahah, oh well, he was super excited about it! he had fun opening presents, he was super excited about some of the clothes he got which surprised me, he got some fun super hero shirts and he loved them, plus a new spider man back pack for kindergarten , a new towel for swim class and new pencil set for kindergarten! He also got some books, Lego and games! He has been spoiled this year, but to top it all off we did buy him a big present, we figured 5 is a pretty big deal! We got him a power wheels Jeep (actually its a dune buggy), he was SO excited I couldn't believe how excited he was! Autumn also was a very happy passenger as he took her for a ride right away! We went down to the field near our house and by the end he was getting the hang of it steering and reversing! All in all it was a very fun birthday and we are so glad cause this little boy means the world to us!!! 

so now with it being Lincoln's birthday, he are a few old pictures to reminisce how cute he was, and of course how far my little Preemie has come, and some of his special day yesterday!  

Hopefully these super preemie pictures won't disturb you, I used to be super embarrassed by them, I don't know why, I just wanted a full term baby like every one else and I didn't want hurtful comments made about my little baby, Now though I am proud of where Lincoln came from and what he has been through, Of course I wish he wasn't born preemie and didn't have to face those challenges and surgeries but now I am so proud of everything he has defied and how much of a fighter he is, I love him exactly for where he came from, what he's been through and for the unknowns of his future, I will never forget how incredibly blessed I am to have him and to call him mine!!  


Look at that gorgeous hair!!!! Now time for 5 year old Linc!  


Look at how tall my nephew Hunter is!! were pretty much the same's depressing for me hahah