Saskatoon berry farm

The saskatoon berry farm just outside of Calgary is one of my favourite places to go, the restaurant there has amazing home cooked tasting food, and in general its a beautiful place to be with all the fresh flowers everywhere and rows of saskatoon berries. We went out there for lunch with my cousin Lisa and her daughter Lola and my other cousin Tammy and her hubby Mike and my Auntie Donna who is in town for the summer! Lincoln and Lola always have a great time together and Autumn loves following those two around, we grabbed a nice lunch, strolled around looking at the chickens and turkeys and pretty scenery, I can't wait to go back in August when the berries are ripe and do some pickin! I need to pick more so I can make more Jam this year, I had lots of fun making berry jam last year and also eating it! We have been enjoying the summer so far and have plans this week to take the kids down to the stampede mostly to eat some mini donuts (those are clearly for me) and to see the dog show, they loved it last year and I think they will again this year! Also this weekend on sunday we are having Lincolns little friend birthday party, I cut back on the people I invited to his party this year because honestly he doesn't need many presents he's already pretty spoiled and I don't expect people who haven't seem him in a while to buy him a gift, so this year he is having a party with his little friends and on his actual birthday were going to have some family members over to enjoy cake with us! He is really excited and I bet it should be a fun day!! Here are some photos from our weekend at the berry farm and a few of my with my beautiful kiddies :)