Happy Birthday Andrea

Hey Everyone it's Andrew,

I thought I would hijack the blog and take the opportunity to talk about Andrea's 25th Birthday. Andrea is a tough person when it comes to birthday's as she always tries to put a stop to any and all would be birthday plans so I have to keep it low key. Keeping it low key this year wasn't too hard as we have all been super sick. Over the past 2 weeks both kids, Andrea and I have all suffered from a horrible flu. This all came to a head late last week however when Andrea ended up spending the whole day in the hospital. We had planned on going to Kelowna for a family get away from Friday-Monday but due to the hospital stay that ended up being postponed. So we spent the weekend recuperating at home. I took the day off work today and Andrea was still not feeling fantastic on Sunday. The kids and I got Andrea some gift cards to her FAVOURITE stores in the mall so we all went shopping for a little bit, popped into one of our favourite restaurants for dinner and the kids and I surprised Andrea with a birthday cake when we got home. 

It wasn't the most exciting birthday but Andrea still had a smile on her face the whole day and she loved spending every moment of it with the kids and I (at least I think she was glad I was there). That's what I love about Andrea though, she has a passion for life and always strives the for best but when things don't work out the way you want she rolls with the punches and keeps a smile on her face.

The Kids and I are honestly just so lucky to have such a strong, loving and thoughtful women for a mother and spouse. Her recent scare in the hospital served as a all to horrifying reminder that she is the rock in our family. She is the glue that holds us together from diligently watching the kids who lets face it can be less the pleasant some days, helping brain storm the solutions to many of life problems, support me through the ups and downs of life and even telling me how long things need to go in the microwave for she is our EVERYTHING.

Love Andrew, Lincoln and Autumn.