Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I actually had such a fun week with the kids, we did lots of fun summer activities such as Sikome with some of the kids bestfriends, the stampede, a few walks and trips to the duck pond and even out for ice cream! Check out my instagram on the side to see those updates as I don't always remember to bring my camera with me. Tomorrow we are headed to calaway park with Lincs cousin (second cousin but they're like first lol) Lola!! Sunday afternoon is Lincs little birthday party and we are so excited for it!! So back to this week, we started the week off at heritage park but I forgot my camera, silly me, but it is one of the kids favourite place! They love looking around at the animals, all the little rides, the boat swing and carousel are their favourites and Daddy even won the kids a few stuffies over at the game area! Then Tuesday we enjoyed a nice hot day at the lake with friends, Autumn loved seeing adorable baby Rylee and sitting by cute baby Bentley, she loves the babies but lately she is having lots of fun following around Lincoln and Carter, it is really cute watching her play with the "big kids"! It also makes me sad she is growing up so fast, she really is forming into a hilarious little toddler! She has clear likes and dislikes now when it comes to food animals situations, everything! We love our little girl she is the sunshine in our family and when she is upset everyone knows it, even Lincoln! He will first try and console her in a hilarious little baby voice "here wittle Autumn play with your wittle baby" or "follow brother" but when it reaches a point of tantrum its "AUTUMN BE QUIET!!" hahah! They are total brother and sister, days they LOVE each other and are so sweet to each other, other days its leave me alone, don't touch me, she's bugging me etc. I love that they have each other though and it will be interesting to see where their funny relationship goes! 

That night we headed down to the stampede, we decided to take the train as its faster getting down there and not worrying about parking, plus the kids think its so fun! It's only not that fun for me because it was 30 degrees out and the train decided to sit still for quite a while packed with sweaty people and no air conditioning....ew. The stampede was SOOO busy it was nuts, it's one of those things I don't mind doing with the kids but our trip is usually fairly short because its not my favourite place to be because I'm so worried I'll lose a child or something in a crowd like that! We enjoy our tradition of going to the dog show though and both kids loved it, they were both really into it clapping their hands and cheering for the dogs! Here are our pictures from the past week, hope everyone's summer is going awesome. 




There is Lincoln showing me his awesome floating skills! Also here is baby Rylee, she is so sweet, I miss baby toes :) 


And here are two of the most handsome boys around, Carter and his brother Bentley, I love these boys.  


Here we are on our way to the stampede on the train, then at the dog show!


Now time to leave the stampede, here is Linc with his 7 dollar balloon....that seemed a little crazy to me since it will last one day in our house but I guess he was pretty happy about it. Little miss didn't make it to the end of the stampede, she was exhausted! 



here my little ones were out to get me on our walk lol


playing hide and seek with Dad! 


Handsome Hubby 


It doesn't always end in smiles though. poor Autumn got a sliver in her finger, but such is summer hey? scraped knees and slivers.