New Blog

Hey Everyone, after a seriously long blogging hiatus I finally decided it was time to come back to blogging! I actually did miss it. I stopped because some of my blog posts and information was lost on our old website. I was devastated as I hold my posts dear to my heart but luckily I have a smart hubby who backed up our blog a while back so even though I wont have all the posts, I will mainly have my older ones, which is better than none! I will slowly be adding the posts back up to my blog but its a big job and will take some time. 

As for life right now, it's busy, two kids is a ton of fun and they're both at hilarious ages, also tough ages. Autumn has started having frequent meltdown and little drama toddler moments but for the most part I find them fairly amusing, they don't stress me out as much as they did when Linc was a toddler I am now able to realize its a normal part of development and toddlerhood! Lincoln is going to be five this summer, which seems crazy, five seems so old, in the next few months we have some decisions to be made on his schooling come September and I will update on those once I know. He's learning and growing lots and still has naughty moments and is at the age know where he will make snarky comments but for the most part, if he has a nap in the day( I know he seems way too old to still take naps), he's a pretty great guy. Can't wait for our upcoming summer and to start blogging again!