Start of Summer

The past few weeks we have kept busy starting with some of our summer activities we have planned! We have had lots of fun around here playing with Lincoln's friends, seeing ours, going to heritage park a bunch, walks to the duck pond, taking the kids on pony rides and lots of outdoor playing! I love watching the kids explore nature, run around with friends and burn off some of their crazy energy, you would think with how busy our days have been they would be going to bed earlier but with it being so light out now late they usually haven't been heading to bed until 8:30-9pm usually, some nights later, but honestly summer is so short and a fun time for them to just be kids and enjoy them selves I don't really mind them staying up later at all. Here is a bunch of random shots we have snapped the past few weeks, hope everyone has an awesome Canada day weekend!  


here is this funny little musk rat (i think) that is always swimming around at the duck pond  


At the end of the day I will try my hardest to sneak in some cuddles with my girl