You are special.

This is post is for my awesome little man. I am so proud of Lincoln, on Saturday we celebrated his preschool graduation! Now yes i know basically every child graduates from preschool, but it is special to me because he has come a long way and I know we have a very long road ahead with Lincoln's schooling but I am glad this year at preschool was a success and has helped him become independent in many ways! The preschool celebration was so cute they had some hilarious songs prepared and then they called each child up individually and presented them with their certificate and a picture they had done that said what each child aspired to be when they grew up, a lot of the girls had said princesses, a few specifically, snow white, ariel, one boy said a fire truck, the actual truck not a fireman haha, there were a few teachers up there and when it came to Lincoln i was excited to hear what he would say as he tells me different jobs weekly, normally the one he says the most is a "sign guy" you know the guys you see on the side of the road twirling signs around for quiznos or somewhere...ya that's his dream, but I was wrong, his was a doctor! I clapped and was excited by his now aspiration, of course it will change in a week or two but I know Lincoln can be whatever he wants to be! Lincoln will definitely miss his teachers at leap n learn, he had miss Carrie and miss Laura, he loved both of them, but honestly I think he had a slight crush on miss Laura, he always talks about her haha it's really cute! After the preschool celebration they gave us a portfolio of his work, he had made so many crafts and is progressing in tracing letters! We asked Lincoln which restaurant he wanted to go to for lunch and he picked white spot, so we had a nice lunch and then spent the rest of the day doing some errands and hanging out with friends in the evening. It is nice to have the summer as a break for him and I plan on doing LOTS of fun things with him and of course Autumn as fall is looming near and I am not looking forward to it. Lots is going on with Lincoln's schooling and I was ignorant to think things would just go the way we planned, because nothing ever does when it comes to Lincoln! we had planned for Lincoln to attend pre k preschool again and then go to kindergarten so he would be held back a year. Now I being Lincoln mother KNOW he should be held back a year, argue with me ALL you want, please I would love to hear it. I am not rude enough to think I know always what's best, I am always open to other options when it comes to learning, thinking and for Lincoln, but me and a bunch of other health care professionals, occupational therapists, physio therapists all agree that he is severely behind. Lincoln was SUPPOSE to be born november 15th, but god had some other plans and he came july 31st, now if he was born november 15th he would NOT be attending kindergarten this year as the cut off is september, so it is very frustrating for me that he is basically being forced to attend this year even though he shouldn't need to, not only was he suppose to be born in november but lincoln has what's called a global developmental delay...basically he is delayed in all areas, he is turning 5 in july, but he is NOT at a 5 year old level, some areas he is at a 4 year old level some he is even at a 3 year old level, so sending Lincoln to a school with 5 year olds is definitely making Andrew and I nervous, but the reason why we are is they CBE will not allow us to have Lincoln go straight to kindergarten a year behind, but they will give us an option (after lots of fighting with them) for Lincoln to repeat kindergarten the following year and be held back a year, because they will have been able to observe him and see where his skills are at, so we were able to negotiate him going this year as long as he can do 4 days a week and has a transitional aid, which means for the first 6 weeks he will have someone helping him stay on task and get settled, then after 6 weeks if he is doing well the aid will go away if not the aid will stay. So I do feel a little more comfortable knowing we have access to an aid and further help. I believe in Lincoln, he is making a lot of gains but we want to always set Lincoln up for success and also want to make sure his self esteem is okay during these school years, I know this is so important for him! During this process I've already had to deal with a lot of rude people but luckily the principal of Bridlewood school is very nice and seems like he is on the same page as us and wants to support us. We will always be Lincoln's biggest advocates and I will fight for what's best for my little man to the very end! Don't mess with Mama. seriously, don't :). I love that little guy, he is my biggest challenge but he makes me better, and I love that about him. So proud of you Linc!! Daddy is too and Autumn, well she is your biggest fan!! 




I know the lighting is super weird in that picture, even white balancing it still looks off, oh well he looks super cute. Now here is a darling video of Lincoln's class singing, if you don't want to watch the whole singing video at least watch the end, I loved the up beat head and shoulder dance especially his wobbling knees! haha