Daddy day!

Well on Sunday we celebrated fathers day! It was a really special fun day, for all of us. I had been anticipating fathers day for a while, it definitely means a lot to me, as I don't always get the chance for Andrew to know how important he is to our family, to me, the kids, he is the glue that hold us together. Andrew is Mr fix it! Lincoln already knows it, when building lego and I can't make what he wants me to make (how pathetic) or when a light bulb burns out or anything slightly goes wrong it's always "Well when Daddy gets home I know he can fix it", I rely on our daddy too, he does a lot of the grunt work for our family and I am forever thankful for our strong man in the house haha! Mostly what I am thankful for is his sacrifice for our family, instead of doing lots of things for him self, he always does what the family needs first, weather that be bathing the kids, changing diapers, helping Lincoln learn how to pedal, swim, practice his letters with him, reading books to Autumn, he does it all, even when Autumn was little and cried in the middle of the night Andrew would get up and bring her to me to feed her then take her back to her bed so I could get as much sleep as possible, or when baby Linc was on oxygen he always changed the tanks and tubes, and he did all the bottle feeding at night with Lincoln so I could rest, all while working a job, ya I am pretty lucky. We love this daddy of ours and all he does for our family.


We started fathers day just the way Andrew wanted, peanut butter cheerios, lol Andrew loves ALL things peanut butter. We then headed to heritage park for a fun filled day, we walked through the houses, looked at all the animals, rode the train, Daddy and Linc rode the huge ferris wheel, and Autumn and I did the carousel, she is currently in love with horses, the whole time she says giddy up! That evening we went to cattle baron where Andrew indulged in a burger he was craving and I got an awesome Steak, the rest of the night was relaxing at home and watching a movie of hubbys choice once the kids were in bed, Id say it was a successful day and evening.

We are thankful for all the other fathers and father figures in our life. Like Andrews dad, he has taught Andrew the importance of providing for the family, all while making sure that family life comes first. And my mom, we can't forget to mention her, my dad passed away when I was just three years old, not only did she take on a single mother role, she also took on a father figure role, and she did a damn good job, She made sure on fathers day that we still celebrated and did something fun, at school I would make mom crafts instead of a fathers one and she always made us feel special and helped us understand the important role of a father but also taught us that she had the strength to do it on her own, that making sacrifices will benefit your family. I rarely felt lacking or sad, because I had more than enough, I had my mom. I also knew/know I have two fathers in heaven who love me more than imaginable, my dad who so dearly loved me and my brother but was taken far too early, and my father in heaven, the greatest love of all. Hope everyone else had a wonderful fathers day celebrating with the special role models in their lives.