Autumn 20 months

My baby girl is 20 months! She is my sunshine and she seriously makes our family so happy, Andrew Linc and I just love her to pieces!! She has quite the personality, the tantrums have started but are pretty short lived, she is in LOVE with shoes, its slightly a concerning addiction lol, she loves to watch mommy put on make up and always asks for some, I'll put Vaseline on her lips for her pretend lipstick and she walks around smacking her lips together lol. The other things she loves are animals, right now her favourites are ducks, horses and puppies! She loves rides at heritage park and to go for walks in the wagon but what she loves most is Lincoln, she follows him every and is always copying everything he does, which is not always a good thing haha,  

Today we went for a walk with Bella and snapped a few adorable pictures of our little lady! xoxo