6 Years

wow. I can't believe this past weekend we celebrated 6 years of marriage together, we have been together for a total of 9 years. Some days it feels like we just started dating and others it feels like we have been together forever, over six years of marriage our lives have changed drastically from being newly weds to now a family of four, with our almost 5 year old son and almost 2 year old daughter. If I would have seen into a crystal globe on our wedding that our future held these two children I would have fast tracked time just to get to them, cause I love them so much. I am glad I didn't know what our future held though as I've grown as a person and wife in ways I didn't know possible. Andrew and I have been through ALOT together, more than some couples, less than others, we have truly felt struggles, with our sick son when he was born we instantly had to rely on each other more than ever, that kind of stress will break or make a marriage and I am happy to say it has made us stronger, there have been times where Andrew and has really needed me and times I've deeply needed him, I'm glad we have been able to pull through our struggles and find a deeper connection than we had before. When we got married we were truly naive about so many things, but we grew up together and are continuing to grow together and discover ourselves, I finally feel after how many years together than I truly know Andrew, this has taken the full 9 years haha, people will continue to surprise you and change in ways you didn't realize they would, but if you are constantly communicating and being open to each other the transition will become easier :).  I know in our upcoming years of marriage there will be hard ships and struggles but there will also be special moments of love and happiness and I would not want to share these with anyone but Andrew. I know I am not an easy person to love, I have many flaws and I'm seriously a high maintenance  wife, I require lots of attention, time, affirmations of my efforts and support but by now Andrew knows that. We both took our vows on our wedding day seriously and I am thankful we continue to uphold them.

This weekend we went back to heritage park with the kids to reminse of our wedding day, Lincoln thinks its pretty cool his parents got married at the Victorian house as he says it looks like a castle, honestly I did feel like a princess on our wedding day and I would not have wanted to get married anywhere else, we loved the beautiful gazebo where we took our vows and had such a special time having a carriage ride, a beautiful vintage reception and leaving in a fun limo with excitement of heading to California for our honeymoon, all while sharing the day with our fantastic friends and family, it truly was a dream and one of the best days of my life. This weekend we also enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Ranche in fishcreek where the food was amazing. It was a really fun weekend, and as it has every year on june 9th it rained again on our anniversary, every anniversary since our wedding it has rained so 2007 june 9th was the perfect day for us! Here's a few old pictures in remembering our beautiful wedding day :)

and poor Andrew he will never live down from our friends those frosted tips in his hair, hahah I don't know what I was thinking when I asked him to get them :)