well there hasn't been much going on around here, we have just been trying to stay warm and deal with the crazy cold temperatures and large amount of snow! It's actually really pretty outside, I would love to go sledding or skating but it's honestly too cold to take my little babies outside in it, I'm hoping it will warm up soon so we can enjoy winter a bit. We have almost finished up all our christmas shopping, done some baking and last weekend with my girlfriends we decide to take on the LARGE task of making chocolates, it's definitley very tedious, mostly the fondant the inside part of the chocolate which we had made previous weekends and saved them in the fridge, the hardest part is making sure you boil it for the perfect amount of time at the perfect temperature, if its even off a few degrees it wont turn out, and then beating it for 45 minutes straight till it gets to the right consistency, even though a few of our fondants we ended up beating for much longer than 45 minutes to get them perfect, needless to say after making these all us girls have more defined/toned arms haha! But it's worth it, because they taste delicious! 

We also took the kids to see santa last week!! The only reason I chose this picture because the absolute delight on Lincs face just makes me SO happy, he was sooo excited to tell Santa what he wanted, and Autumn man can she glare!! she was excited to see santa from a far...not be left alone on his lap haha. 


in the end we made 460 something? I cant remember the exact number, but ALOT of chocolates, I'm impressed, good job ladies! Now here is a pic of our sneaky elf on the shelf, Nicholas who is back to keep an eye on Linc and Autumn and a few cute ones of Autumn sitting with her babies in her bed.