Our Christmas 2013

We had such an amazing Christmas this year, maybe one of my favourite years, I love the excitement each year brings with the kids getting older, the anticipation, magic of santa and remembering the birth of the savior is a pretty good combo! On the 23rd we went to the Nativity pageant at heritage park and that was a big highlight for me, I always love watching it but I loved it even more seeing the kids watch it, Lincoln and Autumn clapped and cheered at the end and Autumn was fascinated by the wisemen and the donkeys and other animals, while Lincoln afterwards went on for the whole ride home about how he wants to direct his own play, maybe when he's older he will enjoy drama class in school? guess we will see! On the 24th we had a blast at christmas eve service, it is tradition with my side of the family to go any local christian church and attend a service, I always look forward to singing the beautiful christmas hymns and then followed by a short message, this year I had one of my best friends attend with me, and my cousins, Auntie and her hubby, and my mama and Roger, it was a beautiful service and Autumn enjoyed it all on daddys lap as well, she was refusing to go the kid nursery area so she sat on daddy the whole time and was honestly amazing, she was so quiet and loved listening to the music, Linc was happy to go to his class and make a craft! Afterwards we headed to cattlebaron and enjoyed an awesome dinner then back to my moms where we all visited and hung out. The next morning was so exciting Andrew and I couldn't sleep we actually woke the kids up at 7:30! They couldn't believe santa ate all his cookies and milk and even wrote them a thank you letter! They loved all their presents and as usual got super spoilt, then afterwards we headed to my moms house to open all our presents over there and the kids got even more goodies, Andrew and I did as well! Then we all enjoyed a nice big brunch full of yummy loafs, fresh pineapple and my mom made her famous christmas "casserole" with ham and eggs onions cheese and crispy corn flakes on top! After that we headed home so we could get changed out of our jammies and Autumn needed a nap, we headed back to my mamas around 2 ish and played board games pretty much the entire day and enjoyed an amazing meal that my mom put on and then played more board games! It was a really relaxing christmas and we loved sharing it with our family! This week has been nice having Andrew home and seeing friends and doing some fun activities with the kids, we took them sledding with Lola and the kids had a blast doing it so i'll share some pictures of that as well!!

We are ready to ring in the new year with our awesome friends and I can say I am so ready for 2013 to be done, its actually been the hardest year of my life so im welcoming the change a new year brings for 2014 I am already so excited and know we have so much fun ahead of us. Hope everyone had an awesome holiday with the people they love and that you have a safe awesome new year!! 


These are the carrots for the reindeer the kids really wanted to hold them in the picture! 


Here is Linc playing with his fun big train set from grandpa and grandma 


Here is Linc and Autumns haul of goodies! missing a few toys but most of them, lucky stinkers. 


I didn't take any pictures of Andrew and my presents as we both got lots of goodies from each other and lots of people, plus our hilarious gifts from Lincoln were fish push pins, lip gloss for me and Andrew got a dino egg that hatches into a toy, it was so cute to see him trying to be thoughtful for us! But anyways Andrew gave me a pretty necklace from Tiffanys which I felt for sure was picture worthy! Lucky me.