Christmas fun

We have been busy over here prepping for Christmas, baking, making crafts, gingerbread houses and wrapping presents! I am SO excited for this Christmas we have a fun Christmas eve planned and honestly I cannot wait for the kids to open their presents on Christmas morning, they are going to freak out and it is SO fun to see them that excited and happy!! I also had to take a few pictures of Autumn the other night, first she was rummaging through my purse and put lip stick all over her face and she was walking around saying "beautiful!" then that night she was naked (of course), and she went through her skirt/bottoms drawer and decided to dress her self in lots of her skirts, of course she was calling her self once again "Beautiful!" haha she is such a girl, and really she is constantly entertaining us!! 


Here is our christmas card this year!

Christmas Card 2013.jpg