Fun News

I have fun news to share! This past weekend my brother and his girlfriend got engaged! I am so freaking excited, I've been hoping for a while this would happen soon but had no idea when so I was sooo excited when we got to Dustins house on Saturday they spilled the beans to all our family, it was awesome!! I am so happy for my brother that he has found such a lovely girl to be apart of our family, my kiddies love her and I know everyone else is the family does and I cannot wait to have a sister in law! In other news, very non important news I decided on Friday to be brave and put some red in my hair!! Im feeling nervous about it because I am highly attached to my blonde hair but I wanted to be adventurous and try something new! anyway that's the only updates I got for today hope everyone has an awesome week, I'm so excited Saturday I am making christmas chocolates with my girlfriends, I'll be sure to remember to snap some shots of that!


Hopefully my dear cousin Lisa won't kill me for posting these next pictures but honestly her expressions are AMAZING lol i love you lisa 


this photo is random but I wanted to include it, it was the first snow of the season!