Hi, Were The McCollums.

It all started over a banana split in 2002, I was 15 and Andrea was 14. We met through a mutual friend at the local Dairy Queen. Lets just say my first impression didn't go so well and that it took almost another 2 years of infrequent meet ups for Andrea to finally agree to go on a date with me. We dated throughout the later half of High school, went to prom together and I proposed in September 2006. We were married the summer of 2007. The following February we found out that Andrea was expecting. Lincoln was due November 15 but was born premature on July 31 2008, almost 4 months early. After spending 104 days in the hospital, many nights unsure what the next day would bring and multiple surgeries Lincoln came home. While our experience with Lincoln had left us cautious we decided that it was time for another addition to our family. On October 14, 2011 our daughter Autumn was born. 

We hope you enjoy our story.