New house - Renos

The past few weeks have been madness! We had started our home search back in August, we were on the fence for months about weather we wanted to build or buy used. Building has always been an awesome option since you get everything brand new and you can pick exactly how you want it! I know lots of people who built and love their homes, but my biggest worry with the process was being in a new neighborhood and that meant a new school. Most people know im a creature of habit and the thought of all those changes felt pretty scary, letting alone just the challenge of moving in its self. We searched bridlewood and surrounding neighborhoods but we couldn’t find what we wanted within our price range and bridlewood is a pretty small community and didn’t have a ton of options, when we saw our house Andrew wasn’t sure if he liked it, I loved the humongous yard and mainly the location, a few blocks behind the school, big corner lot but quiet corner of the neighborhood, we also knew this house meant changing floors, paint, kitchen and also the basement developed. But we thouyght with a little TLC towards the home we could make it what we wanted :). We have only lived in this house for a week and a half and I still have SO much to put away and do but when we got possession a week before we moved in Andrew and with the help of our parents demoed the floors, kitchen and we had painters come in and we hired people for our counters and backsplash but all the flooring installation and making and hanging the cabinets Andrew did. kind of scary since we are complete beginners at doing ANY renos, but we are happy with the results although it was harder than it looks and we expected haha!! The basement has not been started, and we still have our garage to organize but for now I will show you the before and afters of the painting floors and kitchen!

 Andrew and I still want to do some crown molding to finish the top of the cabinets and change the black fridge to stainless steel but in time :)

Andrew and I still want to do some crown molding to finish the top of the cabinets and change the black fridge to stainless steel but in time :)

 this was the only shot with the floors and colour of the dining room

this was the only shot with the floors and colour of the dining room


Summer recap 2018

So I wanted to do a summer recap back in august but of course life got busy and my blog is always on the back burner, but I love it for memories sake. This was kind a bust of a summer, the first week I remember only doing indoor activities with the kids because it poured rain then all of august it was a smokey mess and we ended up canceling our trip to summerland because it was basically up in flames and we didn’t want to spend all our days there inside. We compromised and went to sylvan for a close and easy get away, it was still smokey but not as bad as BC and we rented a boat for fun, we all LOVED it! We think we will do it again next summer since it is so close and you could even just go up for the day. We also managed to go camping which was awesome but it was 36 degrees in drumheller, we were so freaking hot there im pretty sure the entire trip we just were all sweating! The kids got a fun ride in a helicopter and go carting! We also used our passes a ton this summer to granary road and heritage park! I will definitely buy those passes again, probably not our calaway park pass though as we only went once! It was still a full busy summer and of course went by way too fast!

Autumn is SEVEN

I cannot believe this darling girl of ours is seven years old. Time with her is never enough and savoring every second is hard, life is so busy and has so many moving pieces but taking in the love I feel with Autumn is fulfilling and warming. This girl changed me as a person, sure all my kids have, Lincolns struggles profoundly awoke me, Ryder was a warm tender piece that I need but Autumn has been this amazing, yet strong willed child. She is full of personality, she is hilarious and weird, strong willed and determined, a true firecracker, just what I needed but mainly what we all needed. She’s helped shape Lincoln so much, shes helped teach Ryder, shes brought so much love to her daddy, shes given me such an eye opening glimpse into my self, because she really is so much like me. My friend put it best, Autumn is Andrea, if Andrea were an extrovert. LOL, totally true, and maybe she gets that fire cracker extrovert personality side from her daddy. Either way no matter who she gets what from, she is her own beautiful spirit, I love witnessing her growth, her achievements, but mainly just her love. Happy birthday my dear treasure. Lets all admire now how freaking cute she was and is!!


Well things have been busy around the McCollum house hold because as of sept 4th we got a PUPPY! As many of you know our dear old Bella who was 14 years old passed away in May. Not going to lie that was actually crushing for our family and even the kids, I really thought we would all be ok because I had been prepping everyone that Bella was old and was going to die one day, although when that day came of course no one is ever ready, we were all absolutely heartbroken and crushed. I figured after Bella passed we would wait a while for a puppy because life without a dog is actually easier…less work, less poop and pee to clean up and less responsibility BUT honestly its not as fun, pets bring so much joy to peoples lives and I wanted my kids to have that for their childhood, I am so grateful I had pets growing up and I am so glad my kids do as well! we only managed to go 4 months without a dog and me knowing I would be taking care of it the most I actually missed having the company around, every little sound I thought was Bella and I just missed having a dog! The situation finding Prairie worked out so well and we were so excited when they sent us a picture of our four week old puppy, we waited three weeks till she was 7 weeks old to bring her home and we were all so happy! She is hilarious, adorable and NAUGHTY. Like we expected although I totally forgot what training a puppy is like, it’s been so many years and the first week was torture she cried and cried in her Kennel at night but I knew we had to persevere and now she is doing so good at night, except still working on the potty training….that one is not as easy, we also have prairie booked in for puppy training classes and were hoping that goes well and teachers her some basics. She also still puppy bites a lot and I am trying to teach her not to especially with the kids, but its a work in progress ;). for now enjoy our pictures of our new Puppy, Prairie.