Dance Competition

This was our first year at trying a dance competition for Autumn, to be honest I never wanted her in a dance competition as I have heard it can be really high pressure on the kids or that their are some crazy dance moms and that it can sometimes have a “pageant” feel and I did not want to be dealing with that! I am so grateful this was nothing like that! Her studio was laid back but gave the girls enough responsibility to make sure they did they their best and have team spirit, I was so proud of the confidence it has given Autumn for being on stage, at her rehearsal she was really nervous and by the end of the fourth competition she wasn’t nervous at all! I am so proud of the girls confidence and courage to go out there knowing their getting judged on how well they do, I would be so nervous! Hip Hop was a fun one to try this year and we will see if she gets invited again to be on the competitive team but according to her she wants to do more, so will see what happens. Either way its been a fun year for her and we are so proud of our little dancer.

Easter 2019

This Easter was awesome because it was our first Easter in our new home so being that we have more space I wanted to return the favor of family members constantly hosting dinners and for us to host this year! I did make it potluck to take a smidge of the pressure off haha but we made a salad, some cheesey potatoes that were a hit and a ham! I never ever cook ham but it seems to be a family tradition in my extended family at Easter so i did it and it turned out! I was so relieved that everything turned out so yummy, we also did a fun Easter egg hunt in our yard that the kids loved and the day before we did our annual Easter egg hunt in evergreen and decorating eggs at Auntie lisas house! The whole weekend was a success and I felt so grateful we had beautiful sunny weather when a week later we got hit with so much snow! It was super fun hosting our family that was in town, as usual my brother, sis in law and niece were away (they’re always gone on easter), and my other auntie in town but it was still good to get some family together!

Mexico 2019

Well we are home from vacation and we had such a good time in Mexico! because this is our third time to Cabo (shameful, i hate people who vacation to the same place when theres so much world to see and here I am becoming one of those people!!) but it was an easy choice for us, as its a super short flight (4hours), and easy place to go to, all the kids want to do anyways is swim so we made sure to pick the best resort we could find with a huge pool and waterslides! Me being the person on vacation who has a hard time relaxing had to get over that this trip when the kids literally spent the entire day in the pool so i got comfortable swimming, laying around, suntanning (burning!!) and eating gross amounts of guacamole haha! It was a nice change of pace for us actually and such beautiful scenery, we were also blessed with gorgeous weather the whole trip and the resort being brand new it wasn’t busy at all so the kids had the slide to them selves the entire trip which was really nice. The only part of the trip that sucked was returning home in the airport Ryder being over tired and sick of being on the plane decided to have the worlds biggest breakdown which lasted im not kidding an hour, all because I took his suitcase from him on the plane and carried it out because he was going so slow holding up a line of people well I shouldn’t have done that because it made him so mad he cried all through the security and passport line and even security working there was asking why he was upset, come on people we are travelling with an over tired highly emotional toddler LOL from my experience with kids this happens frequently but I guess for people not used to kids they were worried or disturbed. All I could do was laugh because we had made it the whole trip with good behavior and everyone did really well on the way there that of course we needed to have one minor breakdown by someone haha. Traveling with kids is never “easy” even if they all were pretty chill this trip it still takes so much work packing everything they need and making sure everyone has everything in order, I think I am good now for another year without a kid trip! we did venture in to town one day for the kids to buy each an souvenir and to find someone to braid Autumns hair which she was so excited about! This trip I also didn’t bother booking a photographer, something I have done on all our past trips, I do kind of regret not booking it because with our self timer we didn’t get that many photos but at least we have one updated family picture for this year!

Now photo time!

Basement Reno and Life catch up

Hi Friends and family! since Christmas life has continued to be busy, this year we have bit off more than we can chew in a lot of ways, we decided to just go for the basement renos after we finished renovating lincolns room. We thought we would wait a while but after seeing how incredibly messy and dusty the job is to do drywalling tapping mudding etc in the basement we figured lets just get it over with because we know we will use the space a ton! We started with Lincolns bedroom as he desperately needed his own space, he has been such an incredible brother sharing his room with Ryder in our own house, he never complained and in fact for the few weeks in our new house Lincoln and Ryder both kept saying they missed each other so we said on a weekends the kids can sometimes have sleepovers in each other rooms or the bonus room. We let lincoln pick everything, he picked his wall colour, his desk, his bedding and of course the picture of the wall. So funny out of all the photos in Winners he saw that Cow and was like i need that!! I later told him its a Scottish cow which makes it extra cool and he was ecstatic haha, besides that we’ve been getting outside as much as we can when its not -20! I cannot wait to show everyone the rest of the basement when its done but were not close yet, still need to get our carpet installed and the finnishings! come April or may we may started the basement bathroom renos then!

a little backstory for the photos, some of new years eve because I totally forgot to share those, some of the kids opening up their valentines presents and I had a backdrop set up for a clients photos and Prairie was posing so hilariously on it we had to take some of her lol!